Waste Management Solutions

Industrial Waste Management System – iWM

Looking for an easy way to measure waste in your commercial building?

Tracking commercial waste is a key component to maintaining or improving your building’s NABERS rating and now there’s a fast, intuitive system to help you. 

 The Industrial Waste Management System (iWM) tracks and records all of your commercial waste by the day, time, floor, tenant, employee ID and waste stream. In addition, it also conducts contaminated and uncontaminated waste weighing as well as itemised waste weighing to enhance your NABERS reporting and compliance.  

Waste Management Solutions

Data is stored locally on each unit or alternatively on a secure cloud service so you can access the data anywhere and anytime. If the data is stored on a local unit, it can be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file, if required. 

 The weighing units are built to be durable – attaining both an industrial grade rating and National Measurement Institute (NMI) trade approval. 

The Industrial Waste Management System provides a technologically advanced Waste Weighing & Management System. For more information or to check the suitability of the Industrial Waste Management System for your building, contact us using the enquiry form below.

The Industrial Waste Management System is designed to:

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