Waterproof Scales

So, you’re looking for a “waterproof” scale, but what does that really mean, and how waterproof is “waterproof”? 

NWI Group can supply equipment to suit the harshest of wet area requirements, but it’s important that a basic knowledge of your needs is understood to ensure you do not over or under specify your requirement.  

  • If you under rate your needs, you will potentially have unnecessary repair or replacement costs in the future.  
  • If you over rate your needs, you may end up investing more than necessary for a suitable scale. 

The MOST COMMON Ratings in the world of weighing equipment are: 

IP65 / IP67 / IP68 / IP69K 

But what does that really mean? 

Take a look at our simplified reference chart, as a GUIDE for your next wet area scale purchase… 

First digit - protection from foreign body and particulate ingress: 

First digit - protection from foreign body and particulate ingress:

Full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow. 

Second digit – Protection from moisture ingress:

Protection against low-pressure jets (6.3 mm) of directed water from any angle (limited ingress permitted with no harmful effects). 
Protection against full immersion for up to 30 minutes at depths between 15 cm and 1 metre (limited ingress permitted with no harmful effects). 
Protection against extended immersion under higher pressure (i.e. greater depths). Precise parameters of this test will be set and advertised by the manufacturer and may include additional factors such as temperature fluctuations and flow rates, depending on equipment type. 
Protection against high-pressure, high-temperature jet sprays, wash-downs or steam-cleaning procedures. 

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